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Yes, like the Michelin Guide… but more varied ;)

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  • Generating ORDER in chaos

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    We plan and select the best local proposals, based on your interests…so that you won’t waste any more time searching on hundreds of websites.

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    The first COOL GUIDE of the city

    Tired of searching for plans on hundreds of websites ?

    You don’t know what is cool in town ?

    At Discoolver, we have selected the best plans of this year and which you will continue to talk about next year.

    Yes, we are like the Michelin guide but with the best restaurants, shops, accommodation, products and proposals of the city ;)

    Choose your city and enjoy the best plans !




    We are the first media that recognizes the best shops, products, activities, restaurants, experiences, that are the coolest and the most attractive of the city.

    Our recommendations are selected thanks to micro-influencers, artists, trends, social media and a team of true enjoyers.

    You won’t be disappointed... We promise ;)

    A STAR is born

    And no, it’s not Lady Gaga’s movie, it’s our tool : Plan my trip.

    Forget about spending hours and hours on different websites looking for things to do when you visit a city.

    Our tool will create a personalized route based on:

    How many days you travel

    It is not about gossiping, we just want to show you the best plans of the season.

    Your level of experience with the city

    Is this your first time in the city ? Are you a local ? Whatever your choice is, our proposals will surprise you. For sure.

    Your travel partners

    Are you traveling with your family ? For business ? As a couple ? It doesn’t matter ! Even if you are traveling alone, we offer you great plans.

    Your interests

    Eating well ? Shopping ? Going out ? We focus on giving you relevant recommendations.

    And that’s it!

    You will be able to enjoy your personalized route even when you don't have an internet connection. How cool is that!

    Integrate OUR TECHNOLOGY in your business

    We are like that nice friend who fits into all groups.

    If you are a destination, accommodation, or DCM and if you want to:

    - Generate a new business line.

    - Get to know your audience thanks to our algorithm.

    - Join the first network of outstanding businesses in the city.