Leisure & events

Places recommended by local experts to enjoy leisure activities to the fullest

Leisure & events

Most recommended leisure plans and experiences in Madrid

Bicycle tour

Visit the city your way


Teatro Reina Victoria

More than one hundred years of history of one of the most unique Madrid theaters

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Recommendations of most spectacular concerts in Madrid

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Vive el carnaval de Cádiz en Madrid

Madrid se empapa del carnaval gaditano con artistas como el Canijo de Jerez y Andy y Lucas


Experiencies and Activities

Experiences and activities that you can not miss in Madrid

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The best views of Madrid



Most impressive shows offered by Madrid

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El Rey León

Uno de los musicales más universales



Exhibitions, the most interesting and acclaimed in Madrid

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Callao City Arts

A unique artistic and cultural space



Markets, the most popular with everything you're looking for in Madrid

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Mercado de Motores

The coolest flea market in Spain!


Amusement Parks

Most popular and recommended theme parks in Madrid

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Parque Warner Madrid y Parque Warner Beach

An amusement park movie set in the drawings of our childhood

For Families

Cinemas and Theaters

Cinemas and theaters to enjoy with family, friends or couple in Madrid

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Artesiete Cines

The best movie theater in Alcalá!

Pop up

18 years and more

Recommendations for most popular adult entertainment in Madrid

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Largest entertainment and leisure room in Spain

For Groups

Fairs and tradeshows

Fairs and most multitudinous congresses in Madrid

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It is the biggest event for the educational world of Spain